For many of us there comes a point in our lives where every strategy and skill we employ to solve what is in front of us no longer works.


Often the cause of this can be an unfortunate medical diagnosis, an unexpected end of a relationship, or an unplanned financial disaster. In every case what lies before us is the unwanted, unexpected, or inconceivable. Sometimes the stress can be so great that living seems to be a worse outcome than dying. Devastated, stunned, and resistant we struggle, suffer, and find ourselves at a loss as to how to proceed. Do we even want to proceed?




Alchemy happens when our circumstances are viewed through the eyes of an Odyssey.


Through her own odyssey with cancer Renee was able to see the alchemical process that occurred. She came to view cancer not as a disease but a vehicle, a divine instrument of transformation. “I healed because of cancer, it was the vehicle by which I was able to reach the places I needed to go to heal but never could have or would have otherwise.”



Renee is available to walk with you through the darkness in which you find yourself; help you discover peace within your circumstance to see that you are embarking on an Odyssey…your unique Odyssey.