In April 2015 Renee went in for an MRI assuming the back pain she was experiencing was because of a herniated disk. Instead, she was told she had lesions on her vertebrae - cancerous lesions. Breast cancer had metastasized to her bones. This was a reoccurrence from a 2009 diagnosis. Devastated, in extreme pain, nauseous from the pharmaceuticals her body was unused to, and tired of “cancer” being a constant companion the last 6 years, she was ready and willing to die. Her only concern was how long it would take and could she tolerate the pain while alive.

Through a series of synchronistic events that facilitated some serious soul searching and contemplation she chose to say “yes” to life for however long that meant. The path that lay before her was one that required her to give up all she relied on to feel safe in the world, wade into the unknown and be willing to face whatever emotion and experience that came forth. What she never expected was to find such a profound level of love and connection with herself, her relationships, and life itself…all because of cancer. Her blog attempts to convey this - the alchemy within her odyssey.

Grateful to be alive with a deep reverence for the extraordinary circumstances within which human beings find themselves, she is passionate about helping others see the alchemy that can happen when we view our circumstances through the eyes of an odyssey. It is from this perspective combined with her skills as a life coach and EFT/ Matrix Reimprinting practitioner that make Renee a uniquely gifted, compassionate personal coach, facilitator and speaker.