Part 11. For a Higher Purpose

In a previous post I had mentioned that there were two people who I credit with saving my life. I wrote about Matt Kahn earlier. It seemed time to share the other, Carissa Schumacher. If Matt planted the seed that allowed my will to blossom and choose life, Carissa was the one who showed me the path through the forest; a forest that had seemed so dark and dense as to be void of paths.

Carissa is a psychic; probably the most eerily accurate psychic I have ever witnessed including those that make their living writing books and frequenting talk shows. Carissa chose another route. She works with those individuals who happen to find her; she doesn’t even have a website. (I have an email address for those interested.) There were a number of helpful topics we discussed, but there were two that seemed appropriate to share in a blog post. These two concepts have helped me, informed my way of life, changed me irrevocably. 

In our society we spend so much time fighting cancer, battling cancer, hoping whatever course of action we choose will get rid of the cancer. We worry, we fret, we are sad, angry and impatient to have it out of our bodies. The one thing that we don’t do; the one thing that is rarely asked is, “How might cancer be serving my highest good?” Sure we all want to heal from cancer, but do we ever consider how we might heal because of it? The two concepts Carissa shared and the subsequent work I did with those concepts made me realize that regardless of whether I healed physically from cancer, it was the vehicle by which I was able to do the real healing; the kind that transcends time and allows for more love, compassion, and connection to exist in my being. Ultimately, this kind of healing is the fertile soil that allows and supports the physical healing. 

The first concept had to do with "Life Purpose". Carissa’s innate knowledge of what she saw as my purpose for incarnating on this Earth, in this body, facilitated the shift in perspective on my relationship with cancer and fueled my desire to live. She said, “You came down here and incarnated in this body to once and for all heal cancer on behalf of your ancestors.” I knew what she was talking about. On my mother’s side of the family, going back four generations there are only seven females. I’m betting my Italian Catholic Great Grandmother had siblings but I know nothing of them so technically there may be more. Of these seven females, I was diagnosed with breast cancer; my mother is six years free of ovarian cancer; my grandmother died of lung cancer; my grandmother’s sister, throat cancer; and her other sister, colon cancer. I do not know the cause of death of my grandmother’s remaining sister nor my great grandmother. Intuitively, I knew that Carissa was referring to the underlying emotional and energetic patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation. In my business as a life coach and EFT practitioner, Epigenetics, the study of external or environmental factors' influence on genes, is a big deal. In our business, it is common to see how resolving emotional issues heals illness and disease.

The females on my mother’s side of the family are extraordinarily strong, self-sufficient, resilient women who chose to repress their voices for the sake of peace in their world. They gave away their power in an effort to be accepted, to be loved. It was safe; it kept them secure but at what cost? Where does all that anger go? I have such respect and compassion for their journeys and some day I look forward to sharing my grandmother's story of immigrating to the U.S. as an indentured servant from Italy.

As I settled into the idea that I was here to heal on behalf of my ancestors, I began to see having cancer as a calling, that there was some purpose to it, and I wasn’t just some random recipient of a bum deal. For me, cancer broke open my heart, crumbled my defenses, my walls, my constructs; all of which kept me safe, but also kept me separate and alone. In the ensuing year after my call with Carissa, I left my safe, little, invisible “island”. I blew it up actually, paddled to the mainland where all my relationships were and participated more fully in them...the good, the bad, the ugly. I healed the remaining parts of me that felt small and scared, and began to embody a quiet, peaceful confidence. For the first time in my life I became completely comfortable in my own skin. I found my voice and my power; a power that quietly sits inside. It doesn't need to make itself known in some big flashy way. It comes out to play as love and as a space holder for others to be able to find their voice, their power and to allow them to know they are loved and accepted exactly as they are in this moment.

 “I’m ok. I have always been ok. I always will be ok,” I wrote one day after a meditation. I knew this transcended death. I had healed what needed to be healed on behalf of my family. When I close my eyes I see a half dozen women, my ancestors, standing in a semicircle smiling at me full of love and peace. Their smile says, “Yes you did. You healed on behalf of us all.”

Cancer gave me that. I'm incredibly lucky to be able to feel that, to feel whole; to feel so much love in my heart, so much peace in my being, so much gratitude for all that I encounter. Can I regret having cancer? No, not at all.

Carissa’s other suggestion had me take a deep breath, exhale, inhale and say, “O.K…wow. How do I do that?” She had said (paraphrasing) to me, “ Renee, you need to find a way to love the cancer. I know in our society that goes against everything that is said, taught, and stressed about cancer but your path is through loving it, not fighting it. By doing that you begin to change the consciousness around cancer. That is another part of your life purpose.”

After we hung up the phone I let that seep into me. “What does loving cancer look like and why would I want to love cancer when everything in me wants it OUT!?”

To be continued...