Part 1. In the Beginning...

I have a story to tell. Are the stirrings in my stomach excitement or worry as I contemplate the telling of the story? My intention in creating this blog is to be of service and to do so in a way that is worthy of the time you will take to read it. There exists this space I desire to occupy. On one side is teaching and preaching. I'm uninterested in that. On the other side is a dry chronological accounting of a story. I'm equally uninterested in that. In between lies a space of sharing what happened; the feelings, the choices, the decisions and within that space of sharing is the potential for connection and relatability. That is where I hope to reside with each blog post.

 The stirrings in my tummy I’m sure have nothing to do with the vulnerability and honesty it will take to make it a worthy read!

The story is about an odyssey that a woman takes…is still taking. For a long time she felt like she was being followed by a silent predator always lurking, never leaving her alone no matter how she tried to separate herself from it. Unsafe, she ran. There were many strategies that fall under the category of running and she employed them all. One day she got confirmation that the predator had struck, had been striking for awhile, though her denial would not allow her to see it.  Devastated and sure the predator had won, she quit running and she gave UP. The real story starts there… and the telling of it starts tomorrow.